Modifier Description   Effective
F1Left hand, second digitJan 01, 1999
F2Left hand, third digitJan 01, 1999
F3Left hand, fourth digitJan 01, 1999
F4Left hand, fifth digitJan 01, 1999
F5Right hand, thumbJan 01, 1999
F6Right hand, second digitJan 01, 1999
F7Right hand, third digitJan 01, 1999
F8Right hand, fourth digitJan 01, 1999
F9Right hand, fifth digitJan 01, 1999
FALeft hand, thumbJan 01, 1999
FBItem provided without cost to provider, supplier or practitioner, or full credit received for replaced device (examples, but not limited to, covered under warranty, replaced due to defect, free samples)Jan 01, 2008
FCPartial credit received for replaced deviceJan 01, 2008
FPService provided as part of family planning programJan 01, 2005
FQThe service was furnished using audio-only communication technologyJan 01, 2022
FRThe supervising practitioner was present through two-way, audio/video communication technologyJan 01, 2022
FSSplit (or shared) evaluation and management visitJan 01, 2022
FTUnrelated evaluation and management (e/m) visit on the same day as another e/m visit or during a global procedure (preoperative, postoperative period, or on the same day as the procedure, as applicable). (report when an e/m visit is furnished within the global period but is unrelated, or when one or more additional e/m visits furnished on the same day are unrelated)Jan 01, 2022
FXX-ray taken using filmJan 01, 2017
FYX-ray taken using computed radiography technology/cassette-based imagingJan 01, 2018
G0Telehealth services for diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment, of symptoms of an acute strokeJan 01, 2019
G1Most recent urr reading of less than 60Jan 01, 1998
G2Most recent urr reading of 60 to 64.9Jan 01, 1998
G3Most recent urr reading of 65 to 69.9Jan 01, 1998
G4Most recent urr reading of 70 to 74.9Jan 01, 1997
G5Most recent urr reading of 75 or greaterJan 01, 1998