• C1782

  • C1783

    Ocular implant, aqueous drainage assist device
  • C1784

    Ocular device, intraoperative, detached retina
  • C1785

    Pacemaker, dual chamber, rate-responsive (implantable)
  • C1786

    Pacemaker, single chamber, rate-responsive (implantable)
  • C1787

    Patient programmer, neurostimulator
  • C1788

    Port, indwelling (implantable)
  • C1789

    Prosthesis, breast (implantable)
  • C1813

    Prosthesis, penile, inflatable
  • C1814

    Retinal tamponade device, silicone oil

  • Continued
  • C1815

    Prosthesis, urinary sphincter (implantable)
  • C1816

    Receiver and/or transmitter, neurostimulator (implantable)
  • C1817

    Septal defect implant system, intracardiac
  • C1818

    Integrated keratoprosthesis
  • C1819

    Surgical tissue localization and excision device (implantable)
  • C1820

    Generator, neurostimulator (implantable), with rechargeable battery and charging system
  • C1821

    Interspinous process distraction device (implantable)
  • C1822

    Generator, neurostimulator (implantable), high frequency, with rechargeable battery and charging system
  • C1830

    Powered bone marrow biopsy needle
  • C1840

    Lens, intraocular (telescopic)
  • C1841

    Retinal prosthesis, includes all internal and external components
  • C1874

    Stent, coated/covered, with delivery system
  • C1875

    Stent, coated/covered, without delivery system
  • C1876

    Stent, non-coated/non-covered, with delivery system
  • C1877

    Stent, non-coated/non-covered, without delivery system
  • C1878

    Material for vocal cord medialization, synthetic (implantable)
  • C1879

    Tissue marker (implantable)
  • C1880

    Vena cava filter
  • C1881

    Dialysis access system (implantable)
  • C1882

    Cardioverter-defibrillator, other than single or dual chamber (implantable)
  • C1883

    Adapter/extension, pacing lead or neurostimulator lead (implantable)
  • C1884

    Embolization protective system
  • C1885

    Catheter, transluminal angioplasty, laser
  • C1886

    Catheter, extravascular tissue ablation, any modality (insertable)
  • C1887

    Catheter, guiding (may include infusion/perfusion capability)
  • C1888

    Catheter, ablation, non-cardiac, endovascular (implantable)
  • C1889

    Implantable/insertable device for device intensive procedure, not otherwise classified
  • C1891

    Infusion pump, non-programmable, permanent (implantable)
  • C1892

    Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, fixed-curve, peel-away
  • C1893

    Introducer/sheath, guiding, intracardiac electrophysiological, fixed-curve, other than peel-away
  • C1894

    Introducer/sheath, other than guiding, other than intracardiac electrophysiological, non-laser
  • C1895

    Lead, cardioverter-defibrillator, endocardial dual coil (implantable)
  • C1896

    Lead, cardioverter-defibrillator, other than endocardial single or dual coil (implantable)
  • C1897

    Lead, neurostimulator test kit (implantable)
  • C1898

    Lead, pacemaker, other than transvenous vdd single pass
  • C1899

    Lead, pacemaker/cardioverter-defibrillator combination (implantable)
  • C1900

    Lead, left ventricular coronary venous system
  • C2613

    Lung biopsy plug with delivery system
  • C2614

    Probe, percutaneous lumbar discectomy
  • C2615

    Sealant, pulmonary, liquid