HCPCS Code Details - C7545

HCPCS Level II Code
Temporary Codes for Use with Outpatient Prospective Payment System
HCPCS Code C7545

Long description:
Percutaneous exchange of biliary drainage catheter (eg, external, internal-external, or conversion of internal-external to external only), with removal of calculi/debris from biliary duct(s) and/or gallbladder, including destruction of calculi by any method (eg, mechanical, electrohydraulic, lithotripsy) when performed, including diagnostic cholangiography(ies) when performed, imaging guidance (eg, fluoroscopy), and all associated radiological supervision and interpretation

Short description:
Exch bil cath w/ rmv calculi

HCPCS Modifier1
HCPCS Pricing indicator 11 - Price established using national RVU's
Multiple pricing indicator A - Not applicable as HCPCS priced under one methodology
Coverage code C - Carrier judgment
ASC payment group code Effective Jan 01, 2023 - This procedure is approved to be performed in an ambulatory surgical center.
BETOS2 code P1G - Major procedure - Other
HCPCS Action code N - No maintenance for this code
Type of service 2 - Surgery
Effective date Effective Jan 01, 2023
Date added Added Jan 01, 2023
HCPCS Coding Procedures

HCPCS Modifiers

In HCPCS Level II, modifiers are composed of two alpha or alphanumeric characters.

Example: E0260-NU - Hospital bed, semi-electric (head and foot adjustment), with any type side rails, with mattress
NU” identifies the hospital bed as new equipment

See also

  • HCPCS C7544 · Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ercp) with removal of calculi/debris from biliary/pancreatic duct(s), with endoscopic cannulation of papilla with direct visualization of pancreatic/common bile ducts(s)

  • HCPCS C7546 · Removal and replacement of externally accessible nephroureteral catheter (eg, external/internal stent) requiring fluoroscopic guidance, with ureteral stricture balloon dilation, including imaging guidance and all associated radiological supervision and interpretation

1 Two-digit numeric codes are Level I code modifiers copyrighted© by the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology (CPT).

2 BETOS stands for “Berenson-Eggers Type Of Service”